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Heres what happened in the past eleven books.

In the first half of the book,2 kids face a monster of some sort. in the second half they are invited to Horrorland scream park to be very special guests, where their terrors return. A park worker or Horror named Byron tells the kids their not safe in Horrorland and they must escape to Panic park via mirror. only one problem all mirrors in the park are found and destroyed. one mirror is still together. only it's in a cafe hidden behind a wall in the parks hotel. Luckily one of the VSGs uses his special power to lift the wall away. The twins from the first Horrorland book back in the first goosebumps series, return with news from monster X, a strange horror who has inside info on panic park. they get there just in time to tell the last couple kids that panic park makes horrorland look safe, which it is! but they think their lying and go on anyway, the twins follow.

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